Barracas Data Center is located in Buenos Aires (Argentina). The infrastructure has 1.1 MW IT power supply. It is located in an accessible location in downtown Buenos Aires.


Start of operations1996

IT Rooms5

Surface 2.147 m2

Generators’ topology N+1

Cooling systems N+2 / N+1

Fiber entries 2

The Data Center is built and operated according to Tier III international standards, guaranteeing 24x7x365 service to the clients hosted in it.

The facility has 2,147 sqm of IT surface built, divided in 5 IT rooms

Most of the energy supply of Barracas Data Center comes from renewable sources. It also has the most efficient cooling systems, in order to be environmentally friendly, while ensuring uninterrupted service to the clients hosted in it.

1.1 MW Actual IT Power