Data Centers are, without a doubt, the basis of the digital world we live in. Inside them systems, applications and services are hosted, and which we use every day, both personally and professionally. Considering the necessity that every company has for these services, in Nabiax we guarantee maximum quality infrastructures, for our clients to be hosted.


Our infrastructures comply with international standards (concurrent maintenance), being highly resilient and assuring a continuous service for our clients’ systems and services.


We always build our new capacity thinking of what is best for our clients’ commodity. That is why we build in a modular way, being able to adequate the required power, and making it grow through time, according to needs and demand.


We guarantee the security of our clients’ data, having implemented high technology systems and rigorous protocols, which restrict access to non-authorized people and assure the privacy of the data.

Carrier Neutral

Our target is to create a Data Center network in which all fiber & Cloud operators and providers can freely connect to our infrastructure and give the best service to their clients through Nabiax’s Data Centers.